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5 Tips for a More Photogenic Smile

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Are you dissatisfied with your smile in pictures? When you look back at recent photos are you less pleased with your smile than you were in years past? It’s possible that your teeth have lost some of their brightness over the years or that they’ve shifted some. Maybe they’ve even sustained some damage. 

But there are solutions to these problems. Cosmetic dentistry services can help you improve the appearance of your teeth. Here are 5 tips for a more photogenic smile.

1. Teeth Whitening.

There are a variety of teeth whitening products you can purchase in stores that may offer you some minimal results. But if you want to see a drastic improvement, you’ll need professional whitening from a dentist. Philips ZOOM!® WhiteSpeed offers dramatic results in a short period of time and is only available through your dentist to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

2. Invisalign.

If you’re concerned about crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, Invisalign can correct those issues. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth. They are virtually invisible and gently shift your teeth into proper alignment without pain or discomfort. There are many benefits to Invisalign over traditional braces, one being that you don’t have to see an orthodontist. Invisalign can be administered by your dentist.

3. Veneers.

If you have teeth that are misshapen, broken, severely discolored, crooked, or have gaps, the easiest option may be just to cover them up. Veneers are designed to attach to the front of your existing teeth to give them a new facade. They are most often made of porcelain because of its strength and similarity to natural tooth material. To receive veneers, first your existing teeth will be filed down some. Then the veneers will be cemented onto the front of your teeth and wrap slightly around the sides, giving you a brand new smile.

4. Cosmetic Bonding.

Cosmetic bonding can be used to correct the color and shape of your teeth. Composite material designed to match your teeth is used to to reshape or resurface your teeth to make them appear whiter and more uniform. It is less expensive than porcelain veneers, however, it does not last as long and is prone to discoloration.

5. Microabrasion.

This is a method of whitening teeth that involves scrubbing away a very thin layer of tooth enamel in order to expose the whiter layer underneath. It is not necessarily the healthiest method for your teeth, especially if you have had any damage to the enamel. It also may reveal that the stains go deeper than the surface level, meaning you still may require additional whitening treatments.

A Genuine Smile is the Ultimate Key to Being More Photogenic

It can be difficult when posing for pictures to achieve a natural smile. Smiles often look forced, too big, or not big enough. Think about a happy memory that makes you genuinely smile. 

Another aspect to being more photogenic is confidence. You need to be comfortable in your own skin, not worried about how you’ll appear in the resulting photo. When you’re happy with your smile, you can be confident and natural without looking fake or self-conscious.

Barkoff Dental Can Help You Transform Your Smile

Get the smile you want via cosmetic dentistry services at Barkoff Dental. From teeth whitening to Invisalign to veneers, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth so that you can smile naturally and with confidence.  

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