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How Much Does Gum Grafting Cost in Nassau County, NY?

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Gum grafting surgery in Nassau County, NY is a procedure that is often recommended when gum recession is causing damage to the teeth and bone structure. And it can offer many benefits for those who take advantage of the treatment. 

If your dentist has recommended gum grafting, then your next thought was likely, what’s it going to cost? It’s natural, especially since some dental procedures can be complex and costly. However, when it comes to restorative procedures, a gum graft is more affordable than other options. 

What is Gum Grafting? 

Gum grafting is a dental surgery that is used to correct receding gums. Over time, gum recession can leave roots exposed, causing uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold as well as leaving teeth at risk of tooth decay. 

By placing soft tissue over the exposed areas where gum recession is prominent, it will begin to grow and heal together.  

Why May Someone Need Gum Grafting? 

Gum grafting is often recommended for a couple of different reasons, from being a treatment for ailing gums to creating a beautiful smile. And, with its widely used treatment methods, it is safe to say that this important procedure has the capability to impact the oral health of many people. 

So, why may someone need gum grafting? 

Health Reasons. Patients who have periodontal disease will understand that there are important oral health and medical reasons to have the gum graft procedure. As the disease progresses, the roots of teeth become exposed. This can lead to a greater chance of decay, greater instability and lack of support, and eventual tooth loss. 

Increased Comfort. With gum recession, it happens so slowly that you may not even realize it is happening. The more it does, the greater chance the root of the tooth will be exposed. As a result, sensitivity to cold and heat becomes common. And, let’s be real - it is not at all comfortable. 

Aesthetic Reasons. Gum recession is a natural part of aging. As teeth begin to look longer, many people have a hard time remaining confident in their smiles. Gum grafting to reduce this - and help to rebuild that smile. Or, it may just be used to correct the natural appearance of the teeth and gums.

Cost of Gum Grafting

The cost of gum grafting varies due to different factors involved - and primarily due to the type of grafting and the extent of the recession. After a thorough examination by your dental specialist, you should have a better idea of how much your gum grafting cost will be. 

When it comes to covering the cost of gum grafting, you may find that there are ways to get help. Having dental insurance can cover a chunk of the procedure. And, depending on your situation, medical health insurance may be able to cover some of the cost if the gum grafting is considered medically necessary. 

Talk to the experienced, professional staff at your dentist office to discuss the cost of treatment, insurance coverage, and available financing or payment options. 

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