Dental Bridges in Syosset, NY

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Barkoff Dental Provides Bridges In Syosset, NY.

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Dental bridges are often a preferred treatment option when a patient is missing one or more teeth. Bridges literally bridge the gap in your smile, with a pontic, or replacement tooth, connected by two abutments, or supports, on adjacent teeth. These abutments may be crowns, dental implants, or a porcelain or metal framework.

Most dental insurance plans cover the cost of bridges because their purpose goes beyond simple aesthetics. Missing teeth weaken your bite, affect your ability to chew, alter the shape of your face, and make it difficult to speak clearly. Bridges restore function to your mouth, not just appearance. This is why, even when you're missing a molar in the back of your mouth where no one can see it, it's important to make the investment to replace your tooth to prevent irreversible damage.

Barkoff Dental offers patients the following types of dental bridges at our Syosset, NY office:

Traditional Dental Bridge

When most people think of a bridge, the traditional dental bridge what they're picturing. In a traditional bridge, crowns are cemented onto two adjacent teeth to serve as abutments, with the pontic, or replacement tooth, bridged between them to replace one or more missing teeth.

Cantilever Bridge

When a third molar is missing, a cantilever bridge is one of our go-to options. This type of bridge only requires a single abutment on one side of the missing tooth instead of two, which makes it ideal for situations where there is only one tooth to use as a support. The downside of a cantilever bridge is that it may place stress on the supporting tooth, so it's only used in places where there is no other solution.

Implant Supported Bridge

As dental implants have increased in popularity, so too have implant supported bridges. These bridges use one or more dental implants as abutments rather than natural teeth. If several teeth are missing in a row or when the natural teeth are not good candidates for crowns, this type of bridge is a preferred option.

Maryland Bridge

Maryland bridges, also sometimes known as resin-bonded bridges, are a more affordable option than traditional bridges because they don't require crowns to be placed on adjacent teeth. Instead, Maryland bridges are supported by a metal or porcelain framework secured onto the abutment teeth with dental cement. Because these bridges are not as strong as other options, they often need more frequent replacement.

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