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3 Reasons to Choose a CEREC Same Day Crown

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You may have heard of same day crowns and wondered if they live up to the hype. Can they really be as good as crowns made in a dental lab? We believe the answer is yes and that's why our practice offers CEREC same day crowns to our patients.

The first step in the process is creating digital impressions of your teeth. These impressions are sent to our computer where CEREC's advanced 3D technology analyzes how your new crown will interact with surrounding teeth. Next, we mill your crown from a solid piece of tooth-colored material in our on-site lab. This material matches the appearance of your natural teeth and provides superior strength to ensure that your crown will stand the test of time. We'll then place your crown and you'll be on your way to enjoying your beautiful new smile––all in a single day!

Here are the benefits of CEREC same day crowns.

CEREC Crowns Are Fast

Yes, we already mentioned this above, but it bears repeating. The entire process of getting your crown, from taking impressions to placing the restoration, is done in one visit. Traditional crowns can take weeks to fabricate and if we realize it's not quite right when we receive it, we have to send it back and wait another few weeks for a corrected crown. Milling your crown in our on-site lab can be done in under an hour, so you don't even have to leave our office. Do a little reading or catch up on your favorite Netflix show while we work on your crown.

CEREC Crowns Are Made with Digital Impressions

It may have been a while since you've had dental impressions, so let us refresh your memory. You sit in a chair with a tray full of messy, oozing impression material in your mouth and try not to gag while it solidifies. One false move and you have to do it all over again since impressions need to be precise––if they're not, your crown might not fit properly.

Digital impressions are a game-changer. We use an intraoral scanner to take impressions instead of traditional impression material. The scanner sends images of your teeth to our computer where we can view an accurate model of your teeth within seconds. This expedites the process of getting a crown and also results in a restoration that fits better.

CEREC Crowns Eliminate the Need for Temporary Crowns

Because traditional crowns take multiple appointments, you usually need to have a temporary crown placed before your permanent crown is ready. These temporary crowns are easy to damage and leave teeth susceptible to infection. You'll have to follow a special diet to prevent the temporary crown from becoming loose––and if it does come loose, it can injure other teeth. With same day crowns, you get your permanent restoration right away.

Learn More About CEREC Same Day Crowns

If you'd like to discuss whether you're a candidate for CEREC same day crowns, contact us at 516-921-1133 to make an appointment at our Syosset, NY dental practice.